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Please note: We are only enrolling individuals* with an annual income of less than $36,150** or an hourly income of less than $17/hour at this time. 

*Individuals must submit a copy of their 2021 1040, 2022 W2 or 2 months worth of most recent timesheets and a photo ID to qualify for the program*
**Midland County residents can make up to $42,850 annually and qualify for the program**

What companies are eligible to receive training assistance?

Employees working for any company located in Arenac, Bay, Clare, Gladwin, Gratiot, Isabella, Midland, or Saginaw County can receive free trainings and materials through this program. Regardless of size or industry, if you have training needs that could be met through RTI's course offerings. When you complete your interest form, you'll be connected to a community college partner so that you can develop the best training plan and schedule for your team.

How can RTI support my training needs?

Employers with teams, departments, or groups of employees who could benefit from a series of trainings are encouraged to work with us on a customized plan. Some training uses might include:

  • Newly-hired employees gaining entry skills for their roles
  • A team of employees gaining role-specific skills or upskilling
  • Completion of safety certifications
  • Supervisory or Managerial trainings to improve workplace culture and employee support
  • Efficiency trainings to improve overall company output and reduce waste

How many trainings can employees enroll in?

Participants can enroll in a maximum of 40 training hours.

What are my first steps?

We want to support your training needs by working with you to customize your plan for training employees. The first step is completing our online Employer Request for Team Training form. There, you can provide general thoughts and ideas about who you'd like to have trained and what your goals are. We'll work with you from there to achieve your goals.