Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: We grow the economy with services designed to retain, expand and attract businesses in Clare, Gladwin, Isabella, and Osceola Counties to foster economic vitality and resilience in our region.

Vision: As the primary economic development driver for businesses, communities and industrial partners, we champion prosperity and vibrancy for Middle Michigan.

About Us

Middle Michigan Development Corporation (MMDC) is central Michigan’s full service economic development resource! Since 1981, MMDC’s staff of economic development professionals have been helping businesses to locate, expand and compete right here in Clare, Gladwin, Isabella, and Osceola Counties.

MMDC works for established businesses and new businesses that benefit from our strong relationships with local municipalities, the State of Michigan and various federal agencies. MMDC also works closely with local municipalities on transformative community development projects that stimulate economic growth.

MMDC is totally focused on providing the services that will help your business thrive!

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