Saint-Gobain Life Sciences Sees Success in Middle Michigan

by Caroline Roberts on April 30, 2024

Saint-Gobain has a Life Sciences division in Beaverton that has been operating for the better part of three decades. Many people in our area are surprised to learn that Saint-Gobain is more than 350 years old! Founded in 1665 in France during the reign of Louis XIV, the company has its roots in the manufacturing of glass and mirrors. Fast forward to today: Saint-Gobain has grown significantly, covering a multitude of markets and is now operating in 75 countries with more than 166,000 employees.

Saint-Gobain began operating in Beaverton in 1995 under the name, Norton Performance Plastics, after acquiring Patter Products. The company was acquired to expand its already established silicone tubing extrusions, used in medical applications, into the scientific and industrial markets.

The approximately 148,000 square foot facility is currently branded as Saint-Gobain Life Sciences and is Gladwin County’s largest employer with around 300 employees. The company plays a major role in the global market for pharmaceutical and medical grade silicone tubing and assemblies. Products manufactured at the site for various customers have global reach that includes making drug therapies for vaccines and cancer treatments among various other applications. An innovative company where 1 in 4 products made today did not exist five years ago, Saint-Gobain products made in Beaverton impact many sectors of the economy. For Saint-Gobain Life Sciences, Beaverton isa global flagship location. The site houses applications engineering and customer service that works with customers around the world. The site also houses the development center, which plays a major part in the research and development of future products.
In 2023, Saint-Gobain was awarded the Global Top Employer certification by the Top Employers Institute for the eighth consecutive year. Only fifteen companies in the world received this recognition in 2023. The Top Employer designation recognizes the world’s best companies by studying their human resources and career development processes and auditing more than 400 working condition practices.of each company.

The Beaverton location has earned many awards. Most recently, the site has been awarded the Saint- Gobain Life Sciences Site of the Year, Saint-Gobain Life Sciences Top Safety Performance & Culture Award, and the Gladwin County Employer of the Year Award from MichiganWorks! Region 7B. MMDC President/CEO James McBryde stated, “Saint-Gobain’s success in Beaverton can be tied directly to their excellent leadership, their dedicated employees and the strong support of the surrounding community. We are very honored to have Saint-Gobain represented on our MMDC Board of Directors as they continue to thrive in the Middle Michigan area.”

“I am excited for the opportunity to serve on the MMDC Board where I will have the ability to impact the local community and help to improve the region. Saint-Gobain has made “making the world a better home” a priority and that is a mission I have embraced and hope to share within our area. With a vision for continued sustainability and positive economic growth for the region, we can make the lives of those around us better for the foreseeable future.”
- Jon-Paul Jones, Plant Manager at Saint-Gobain Life Sciences

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