Clare Municipal Airport

The Clare Municipal Airport (48D), which has been in operation since 1941, is located in the Southeast corner of Clare County. The airport, which covers an area of 200 acres and features two paved runways, is considered the “Gateway to the North” and services air traffic from all areas. The airport has a pilot school, a pilot’s lounge and an available courtesy van. The airport also advertises low fuel prices and holds several annual events that have large followings.

Runway 4/22: 3,500 x 75 feet
Runway 9/27: 2,500 x 75 feet


Gary Todd, Airport Manager

Office: Terminal Building
10725 S. Eberhart Ave.
Clare, MI 48617

Office: (989) 386-0445
FAX: (989) 386-4508
Mobile: (989) 802-2005
Airport Info: CTAF/UNICOM 122.8 Mhz


(989) 772-2858

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