For a business owner, knowing about business clusters can be a very important aspect of strategic management. MMDC networks with the geographic concentrations of interconnected businesses and suppliers or clusters within our local business area. Contact MMDC today to discuss how working with the industry clusters in Middle Michigan could contribute to your business.

Advanced Manufacturing






Companies in Middle Michigan are constantly integrating new and innovative technologies to improve both products and processes. We understand the methodologies and benefits that advanced manufacturing provides. MMDC can connect you to the programs and individuals that support best practices in advanced manufacturing.






Middle Michigan is home to many endeavors in the agribusiness arena. Agribusiness has seen more attention by the public in recent years because knowing where food is produced and processed is becoming an ever more important issue. Middle Michigan takes great pride in the agribusiness that has been here for generations, and we are pleased to offer economic development services in this field. For those in Middle Michigan who work in the agribusiness area, their business is more than a way to make a living, it is a way of life.






Middle Michigan has a truly robust biomass production industry. From forestry to wood chippers and wood pellet producers, this business cluster has a dominant position both nationally and internationally. Well over half of the wood chippers manufactured in America are produced by just two companies located right here in Middle Michigan! MMDC has a network of connections in this industry and will continue to foster a strong and successful biomass community.

Financial and Professional Services





It’s easy to find the financial and professional services you need to support your company right here in Middle Michigan. Many of our financial and professional service companies have strong roots in our community and have proven their dedication to our local area time and time again. Our financial and professional service companies offer the knowledge and experience you need to be successful. MMDC in conjunction with the Clare Area Chamber of Commerce and Mt. Pleasant Area Chamber of Commerce can help find the right service provider for you.

Oil and Gas





Middle Michigan has a rich tradition in the Oil and Gas Industry, beginning as a hot bed for oil production and now leading into an energy economy that features welding, drilling, logistics, pipe inspection and exploration nationwide. Companies such as Mears Group, BGL Asset Services, DCG Technologies, and Summit Petroleum are local, cutting edge Oil and Gas Industry businesses operating on a national and international stage.


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