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Nominate a Local Business that Exemplifies the American Dream

Know a local business that started small but has grown to make huge impacts? Let us know, and we'll highlight them in our Business Hero Campaign between Independence Day and Labor Day, 2021.

June 30, 2021

 Nominate now!

We Need Nominations for Local Businesses Embodying the American Dream

Our local businesses have been through so much this past year. We think that it's the perfect time to recognize their resilience by celebrating the American spirit of ingenuity, grit, and determination that has allowed dreamers to achieve great things by building successful businesses.

Middle Michigan Development Corporation (MMDC) needs your help to tell Middle Michigan’s story! We know that we have Isabella and Clare county companies that started small and have grown to make huge impacts.  We want to promote and showcase successful businesses that exemplify achieving the American Dream.

How to Identify a Local Business Hero

We’re looking for nominations of companies, businesses, industries, organizations, etc. Though the founding owner(s) are indispensable, we’ll be highlighting the company overall as the hero in this campaign.

Our business hero’s origin story will likely be modest. But through hard work, perseverance, and a belief in a dream, our business hero will prevail over obstacles. Finally, our business hero will have found success (however that is self-defined) and given back to its communities and people.

How to Share a Story or Nominate a Business

It’s easy to nominate a business. And YES, please share your own business’ story if it fits! The nomination form only takes between 30 seconds and 3 minutes to complete. If you're nominating someone else's business, all you need to provide is a business name and some contact information. We'll follow up from there!

Take a couple of minutes to consider a company that you would like to tell us about, and fill out the nomination form so that we can celebrate real places and faces.

How We’ll Tell Local Stories

MMDC is crafting a social media campaign to highlight business/industry success through the lens of Achieving the American Dream through the hero’s journey.

We’ll also assemble all of our stories into a collection of local business heroes at the end of the campaign. MMDC imagines sharing these success stories through our website and materials and promoting growing community awareness of the valuable contributions being made by local industry and business owners.

Take a couple of minutes to consider a business that you would like to tell us about, and fill out the nomination form so that we can celebrate real places and faces.


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