American Mitsuba Receives Business Development Grant Through Collaboration with MMDC

by Kati Mora on December 13, 2018

American Mitsuba recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. Now the company announces an expansion opportunity that would result in up to 35 new jobs and an overall investment of $13.4 million over the next three years.

Just a few months ago our team had the privilege of joining American Mitsuba for a grand occasion - the celebration of thirty years in business here in Middle Michigan.

The event was momentous, bringing together both current employees and their families, individuals who were apart of Mitsuba's North American launch, and those who are apart of Mitsuba's larger International family as well.

American Mitsuba has a rich history reaching back to 1988 when its first location was established in the CMURC Mt. Pleasant SmartZone. Back then, the park was simply known as University Park and it wasn't just the first North American location for the International company, it was also the first business to locate within the park.

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As American Mitsuba continues to grow, its exciting to see that growth here in our own community. The proposed expansion would add jobs and investment to the area.

Middle Michigan Development Corporation is working closely with American Mitsuba to ensure that the Mt. Pleasant location is selected for the new expansion and manufacturing line that would make it possible. This means assisting the company with an Industrial Tax Abatement and coordinating efforts with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

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